ThoughtSpot Software – How It Will Prove Very Helpful?

ThoughtSpot Software – How It Will Prove Very Helpful?

ThoughtSpot is the next-generation and search-driven analytics software for enterprises. This allows each user pulling up the relevant company info in some seconds, because of the platform’s strong search & data analysis abilities that will provide the automated insights with just one click. ThoughtSpot helps users to share the information over the enterprise quickly due to the solution’s fast performance. With that, even the dispersed members of organization will share their intelligence with one another seamlessly.

Besides that, ThoughtSpot software gives users a power of thousand analysts in simple reach. This AI-backed solution offers companies with quick answers gleaned from the existing data & transform this in the story that is digestible and visual for each stakeholder.

Implementation and IntegrationThoughtSpot software

With this software, you can deploy this platform as on-premise solution, and public or private cloud system. The implementation of ThoughtSpot solution process generally takes between 2 and 4 weeks.

Customer Service and Support

ThoughtSpot provides various free resources for the customers, like webinars, whitepapers and videos. The support staff can also be reached through the online support portal, and through email or phone.


ThoughtSpot provides subscription pricing as per the data capacity requirements. The subscription levels scale in 250GB increments. All its pricing includes the unlimited users, so customers have an option for private or public and on-premise cloud deployment. You can contact them straight away for the quote.

Benefits of ThoughtSpot

Powerful Search Feature

ThoughtSpot is the search-driven solution, which allows the users to search any type of data in a search bar. This platform even provides smart suggestions when users type with a help of the DataRank. It makes data accessible even to the users who are not much familiar with the BI tools.

BI Solution

Besides relying on many analytics and intelligence platforms to gather different types of the relevant data, companies will eschew them as well as settle for just one application: ThoughtSpot. This is because the solution offers visibility in different aspects of business to allow companies to meet challenges that might come in their way.