Things your massage therapist would like you to know

Things your massage therapist would like you to know

Massage therapists really have clients of all styles. Every week, we have the pleasure of taking care of different morphologies with various physical and medical conditions and we have a lot of questions. Some are worried about their condition, while others experience some apprehensions about the massage itself. Here are, in order and disorder, some recurring themes that your massage therapist would like you to know. Click here for massage therapist westminster.

Yes, do you know your nodes!

"Do you feel my knots?! Is undoubtedly the quintessential question asked by customers. The answer is simple: yes. Everyone has tense points all over the place, which makes it probably easier for us to find knots in your back than to find hay in a hay bale. On the other hand, whether you are feeling it or not, the real goal is ultimately to convince your nervous system to relax areas that are too tense. The knot is created by the nervous system and it is also he who has the power to undo it. Visit this site for massage therapist westminster.

It's your massage!

YOU pay for us to take care of YOUR relaxation. If you feel that extra adjustments might allow more comfort, let us know. Whether it's music, pressure, brightness, headstage, etc., it will be our pleasure to correct the situation; provided you are informed of course! It's better to have a jerked start with the right adjustments than to have a fluid care with elements that catch your mind throughout the session.

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Except as otherwise provided, you do not have to help us

In the same vein as point 2, if you want to lift or move your arm, your leg or your head, we will succeed without help and virtually without effort. Customers who have trouble letting go will tend to accompany us in the movement. Unfortunately, it does not make our task any easier (especially for the head), but above all it tells us that we have not yet managed to bring you into a state of total abandonment.

Legs ripped or not, do not difference

Ladies, stop worrying about being judged for some hair you consider too much. First, remember that the vast majority of men we massage have never had to undergo waxing legs of their lives and we obviously do not case. Most massages require oil, which allows us to do our job whether it's baby skin or a King Kong coat. By the way, if you do not talk about it, we will not even notice if your legs are freshly shaved or not.

You are probably in the normal

Very often, clients of a tense nature self-caricature by explaining to their therapist that he will make the jump by noting as much tension that it is an exceptional case, etc. Do not take it badly, but we see "exceptional" cases every day or at least at least every week!