Benefits Of Platforms For Online Movies Streaming

Although going to the movies and enjoying popcorn and a big screen has a nice ring to it, the increasing shift of media to online platforms has given rise to a completely different culture. Gone are the days when you had to clear your schedule, arrange for tickets and plan a movie before it disappeared forever. Now, with movies being released digitally shortly after their theatre release, more and more people are enjoying online movies from the convenience of their homes.


Evolution of online movies

The urgency to catch movies at theatres started disappearing in the 1950s with the introduction of home movies in the form of VHS and then later DVDs. Major global companies have also invested in providing cheaper internet access to people. As a result, the internet has increasingly become a necessity rather than a luxury. Pressure on movie studios and theatre chains has increased ever since. With online streaming services like and video on demand gaining popularity exponentially since a few years back, power has shifted significantly in the hands of the consumer. Now people have to be encouraged to watch movies on a big screen rather than a small one.

Why watching movies online is better?

First of all, it is way more convenient to watch movies online, at the comfort of your home than to go to a theatre and indulge in traffic and queues.It is cheaper (often even free) to watch movies online than buying tickets at theatres.Using polluting transportation and the need for parking spaces is also eliminated. So, it is environmentally sound too.

Where to find movies online?

With a lot of independent sites offering to provide online content, pretty much all you need is an internet connection to access the content of your choice.Many apps and torrenting sites provide movies and other digital content online, which can also be downloaded for offline use. Many of these sites and apps have no rights to the content whatsoever, which might result in legal trouble for the owners and rarely, the users.

Nonetheless, the way the market forces work, consumers decide what is best for them. Online movies, with their unique experience and freedom to customize it as per your need, could be a stable alternative to the ever-changing world of entertainment and media.