What Is Artificial Turf And Usage Of The Same?

What Is Artificial Turf And Usage Of The Same?

Artificial turf is the synthetic fibers which look like normal natural grass. Though it is also used in lawns of the houses, main usage is in sports arena which often needs artificial substance for the turf. One of the major Olympic sports which use this is field hockey.  Hockey field is completely made of artificial substance. But in recent times, even homes are showing interest to buy this turf to install them in their lawns and in front gardens. Even some businesses want to use them in their front yards to make the office complex looks green.

How it is installed in the ground

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Astro turf as it is called popularly, came to existence in 1960s when it was used in newly constructed astrodome. After that it was widely used in different sports like baseball, tennis, American football etc. Since the turn of time into 90’s people began to use the astro turf for the landscaping the houses and in office premises. There are different varieties of astro turf available and the pricee for Artificial turf varies based on the quality of the turf and the purpose where it is used. Such kind of turfs needs extensive care to be taken and maintained perfectly. If no proper maintenance done for the turf, it will become unusable and people have to spend money again to make it usable.

Normally, the company which sells the product will include the free installation also. You can visit their website and find the information regarding the same. They also provide free consultation for the design and price includes 3 year warranty also. In their website, you can find the different kinds of turf and the quality and purpose for which it will be used. This information will be helpful for you when you want to use them either in your home or office. They provide their service irrespective of the size of the area where it is going to be installed be it big grounds or the small area in home, they will be more than happy to provide their service.