Supermarkets And The Concept Of Discount Shops

Supermarkets And The Concept Of Discount Shops

Supermarkets are the place where the customers can purchase most of the items they need under single roof and they don’t need to visit different shops purchasing or checking the price. Discount shops are one step ahead of super market in providing the discounts and most of the prices they provide in the shop will be relatively less costly than other shops of similar nature. Lindl is one such discount shop originated in Germany before the Second World War and today they have spread over two continents of Europe and United States. They have more than 10000 retails shops though they produce most of their food items in single shop in Europe and supply it to different shops.

Working hours of the shop

lidl opening times today

As per the normal working days , lidl opening times today is 8 AM and it will vary during the Sundays and Christmas. Working hours of the shop is little higher when it compared to other shops as the employees work for around 13 hours per day which is normally a violation of labor unions of Europe. With the people always looking to buy the food or any items for relatively lesser price their market share is in ascendancy for quite some and currently they have around 5-10 % market share in the United Kingdom market alone.

As recently in 2013 they also forayed into online photo service business and providing print services at discounted prices and in 2012 they ventured in to bakery business also. Even though some time they venture into new business which may not be directly related to their core business, their main motto is to provide the service at the discounted rates. It helps to capture the market quicker than the conventional methods. Though they have been forced to apology and face some legal issues they never changed the way they work and despite of all the negative publicity they are growing in the business all the time. You can get to read more about their business lines and their products in their website. In the website you can check the latest discounted price of their products.