Finding Fine Jewelries Only At Leeds & Sons

Finding Fine Jewelries Only At Leeds & Sons

Leeds & Son is a shopping destination recognized internationally for fine jewelry and timepieces in South California. The store has served the Palm Desert Area and palm springs jewelry and watches visit Leeds & Son on El Paseo today. You will shop and work with the experts and discover the difference in true quality. This retail store redefines the meaning of luxury shopping experience with personal shopping service, an exceptional selection, and upscale amenities.

Taking Care of Your Pearls:

Mikimoto cultured pearls will last for generations with proper care. Cultured pearls should be kept away from chemicals, cosmetics, perspiration, and perfumes which may damage their appearance because they are organic. They should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off in order to protect your pearls from damage.

Judging The Pearl’s Quality:

Luster - it is the surface glow and deep mirror-like reflection of the light or "inner light" of a pearl. The mother-of-pearl quality in cultured pearls will improve the overall luster. All Mikimoto pearls radiate an exceptional luster.

Surface perfection - the less blemished the pearl, the higher its quality and value. Tiny marks found on the surface of a pearl are part of its natural texture like rare silk which is a part of its inherent nature.

Color - there is a wide spectrum of colors that can be found in pearls including green, silver, cream, blue, black, pink, and gold. But the most popular colors are white and pink rose because these hues flatter the widest range of skin tones.

Shape – There are many shapes that are available. But round pearls are truly the rarest and most valuable. There are also exotic shapes available and are used to create unique, exotic jewelry designs such as an oval button, teardrops and baroque.

Size - pearls are measured in diameter increments of millimeters (mm). It is more difficult to cultivate larger pearls as there is an increased likelihood the oyster will reject the larger implanted nucleus.

Diamond and Fashion Jewelry:

With associates traveling the world to find new designs, prestigious brands, and the finest gemstones; trust, experience, and skill guide the longtime industry relationships that enable the company to bring the world’s finest and most extraordinary luxury jewelry exclusively to the stores of Leeds & Sons.

Like the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with, diamonds should be carefully chosen as well. It is a lasting symbol of your commitment more than just a stone in a setting. Leeds & Son offers a wide selection of GIA graded diamonds and a setting that makes sure your love shines forth in the most brilliant way possible for years to come.

Leeds & Son work to answer all of the important questions that arise when choosing the perfect diamond by being the premier jeweler of the United States. Consider the four characteristics that determine the quality of a diamond to make an educated selection. It is the ultimate symbol for love and romance, the jewelry, and there's no better place to find the design of your dreams for the love of your life, than, Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers in Palm Desert. The Leeds & Son's collections feature creative diamonds, gold, and precious gemstone pieces of Marco Bicego with timeless, unique designs of Como Italia and the bold, eclectic, edgy pieces of Messika& many more.